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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CWt::Auth::AbstractPasswordServiceAbstract password authentication service
 CWt::Auth::AbstractUserDatabaseAbstract interface for an authentication user database
 CWt::Auth::PasswordService::AbstractVerifierAbstract password hash computation and verification class
 CWt::Payment::AddressContains address information
 CWt::any_traits< Type >A traits class for a type stored in a cpp17::any
 CWt::Auth::AuthServiceBasic authentication service
 CWt::Auth::AuthTokenResultThe result of processing an authentication token
 CWt::Chart::AxisConfigAxis configuration
 CWt::WAbstractProxyModel::BaseItemA base class for an item modeling a source index parent
 CWt::Http::Request::ByteRangeA single byte range
 CWt::Dbo::CallA database call
 CWt::Mail::ClientAn SMTP mail client
 CWt::Dbo::collection< C >An STL container for iterating query results
 CWt::Dbo::collection< Wt::Dbo::ptr< AuthIdentityType > >
 CWt::Dbo::collection< Wt::Dbo::ptr< AuthTokenType > >
 CWt::Dbo::collection< Wt::Dbo::ptr< C > >
 CWt::Dbo::collection< Wt::Dbo::ptr< MutC > >
 CWt::WGradient::ColorStopA gradient color stop
 CWt::Dbo::collection< C >::const_iteratorConst Iterator
 CWt::WGoogleMap::CoordinateA geographical coordinate (latitude/longitude)
 CWt::CoordinatesA coordinate
 CWt::Chart::CurveLabelA curve label
 CWt::Payment::CustomerContains customer information
 CWt::Dbo::Dbo< C >A base class for database objects
 CWt::Dbo::Dbo< AuthIdentity< AuthInfoType > >
 CWt::Dbo::Dbo< AuthInfo< UserType > >
 CWt::Dbo::Dbo< AuthToken< AuthInfoType > >
 CWt::Dbo::dbo_default_traitsDefault traits for a class mapped with Wt::Dbo
 CWt::WSslCertificate::DnAttributeDistinguished name attribute (also known as relative distinguished name)
 CWt::DomElementClass to represent a client-side DOM element (proxy)
 CWt::Auth::EmailTokenResultThe result of processing an email-sent token
 CWt::DomElement::EventActionA data-structure for an aggregated event handler
 Cstd::exceptionSTL class
 CWt::WLogger::FieldClass that holds the configuration for a single field
 CWt::Dbo::FieldInfoDescription of a field
 CWt::Dbo::ForeignKeyConstraintType that indicates one or more foreign key constraints
 CWt::WTemplate::FunctionsA collection of predefined functions
 CWt::WGLWidget::GlObjectAbstract base class for all GL objects
 CWt::Auth::HashFunctionAn abstract cryptographic hash function interface
 CWt::Http::Message::HeaderAn HTTP message header
 CWt::Mail::Message::HeaderAn SMTP message header
 CWt::Auth::IdentityA class that represents a user identity
 CWt::WPainter::ImageAn image that can be rendered on a WPainter
 CWt::Chart::WCartesian3DChart::IntersectionPlaneAn invisible intersection plane
 CWt::Auth::IssuedTokenToken or authorization code that was issued to a relying party
 CWt::ItemDataRoleEnumeration that indicates a role for a data item
 CWt::Dbo::Wt::WStringStream::iteratorAn implementation of an output generator for appending data
 CWt::Dbo::collection< C >::iteratorIterator
 CWt::WStringStream::iteratorAn implementation of an output generator for appending data
 CWt::WGLWidget::JavaScriptMatrix4x4A client-side JavaScript matrix
 CWt::WGLWidget::JavaScriptVectorA client-side JavaScript vector
 CWt::JSlotA slot that is only implemented in client side JavaScript code
 CWt::Dbo::JsonSerializerAn action to serialize objects to JSON
 CWt::LocalizedStringThe result of resolving a localized string
 CWt::Mail::MailboxAn email sender or recipient mailbox
 Cstd::map< K, T >STL class
 CWt::Http::MessageAn HTTP client message (request or response)
 CWt::Mail::MessageA mail message
 CWt::Payment::MoneyA value class which describes a monetary value
 CWt::Render::WTextRenderer::NodeA rendering box of a layed out DOM node
 CWt::Auth::OAuthAccessTokenAn OAuth access token
 CWt::Auth::OAuthServiceAn OAuth authorization (and authentication) service provider
 CWt::Core::observableA base class for objects whose life-time can be tracked
 CWt::Core::observing_ptr< T >A safe smart pointer for an observable
 CWt::Core::observing_ptr< const Wt::Core::observable >
 CWt::WSuggestionPopup::OptionsA configuration object to generate a matcher and replacer JavaScript function
 CWt::Payment::OrderContains information of a sales order
 CWt::Payment::OrderItemDescribes an item in an order
 CWt::Chart::WStandardColorMap::PairContains a pair of a numerical value and a WColor
 CWt::Auth::PasswordHashA password hash
 CWt::Payment::PayPalServiceThis is a PayPal service class
 CWt::PopupWindowInternal class that provides a JavaScript popup window managing function
 CWt::Dbo::ptr< C >A smart pointer for a database object
 CWt::Dbo::ptr< AuthIdentityType >
 CWt::Dbo::ptr< AuthInfoType >
 CWt::Dbo::ptr< AuthTokenType >
 CWt::Dbo::ptr< DboType >
 CWt::Dbo::ptr< MutC >
 CWt::Dbo::ptr< UserType >
 CWt::Dbo::Query< Result, BindStrategy >A database query
 CWt::Dbo::Query< Result >
 CWt::Dbo::query_result_traits< Result >Traits class for result types
 CWt::Http::RequestA resource request
 Clinb::any::requires_allocation< T >Whether the type T must be dynamically allocated or can be stored on the stack
 CWt::Http::ResponseA resource response
 CWt::Http::ResponseContinuationA resource response continuation object
 CWt::Payment::ResultA class that represents the result of a payment API call
 CWt::WValidator::ResultA class that holds a validation result
 CWt::WPainterPath::SegmentA segment
 CWt::WLogger::SepClass that indicates a field separator
 CWt::Chart::SeriesIteratorAbstract base class for iterating over series data in a chart
 CWt::Dbo::SessionA database session
 CWt::WServer::SessionInfoContains the information for one session
 CWt::SignalBaseAbstract base class of a signal
 CWt::Dbo::sql_value_traits< V, Enable >Traits class for value types
 CWt::Dbo::sql_value_traits< int >
 CWt::Dbo::SqlConnectionAbstract base class for an SQL connection
 CWt::Dbo::SqlConnectionPoolAbstract base class for a SQL connection pool
 CWt::Dbo::SqlStatementAbstract base class for a prepared SQL statement
 CWt::Auth::AbstractPasswordService::StrengthValidatorResultResult returned when validating password strength
 CWt::Chart::WAxis::TickLabelRepresents a label/tick on the axis
 CWt::DomElement::TimeoutEventStructure for keeping track of timers attached to this element
 CWt::WLogger::TimeStampClass that indicates a time stamp
 CWt::Auth::TokenAn authentication token hash
 CWt::Auth::OAuthProcess::TokenErrorException thrown while parsing a token response
 CWt::TouchA single finger touch of a touch event
 CWt::Auth::AbstractUserDatabase::TransactionAn abstract transaction
 CWt::Dbo::TransactionA database transaction
 CWt::WTransform::TRSRDecompositionResult of a TRSR decomposition
 CWt::WTransform::TRSSDecompositionResult of a TRSS decomposition
 CWt::WApplication::UpdateLockA RAII lock for manipulating and updating the application and its widgets outside of the event loop
 CWt::Http::UploadedFileDetails about a file uploaded with a request to a resource
 CWt::Http::Client::URLUtility class representing an URL
 CWt::Auth::UserA user
 CWt::Json::ValueA JSON value
 Cstd::vector< T >STL class
 Clinb::any::vtable_dynamic< T >VTable for dynamically allocated storage
 Clinb::any::vtable_stack< T >VTable for stack allocated storage
 Clinb::any::vtable_typeBase VTable specification
 CWt::WAnimationA value class that defines a transition effect
 CWt::Chart::WAxisClass which represents an axis of a cartesian chart
 CWt::WBorderA value class that defines the CSS border style of a widget
 CWt::Chart::WChartPaletteAbstract base class for styling rendered data series in charts
 CWt::WColorA value class that defines a color
 CWt::WCssStyleSheetA CSS style sheet
 CWt::Chart::WDataSeriesA single data series in a cartesian chart
 CWt::WDateA value class that represents a date on the Gregorian calendar
 CWt::WDateTimeA calendar date and clock time
 CWt::WDropEventA class providing details for a drop event
 CWt::Dbo::weak_ptr< C >A weak pointer for a database object
 CWt::WEnvironmentA class that captures information on the application environment
 CWt::WEventAn application event
 CWt::WFlags< EnumType >Utility class for type-safe combinations of enumeration flags
 CWt::WFlags< AlignmentFlag >
 CWt::WFlags< AnimationEffect >
 CWt::WFlags< AxisValue >
 CWt::WFlags< ChartUpdates >
 CWt::WFlags< CustomFlag >
 CWt::WFlags< EditOption >
 CWt::WFlags< EditTrigger >
 CWt::WFlags< GLRenderOption >
 CWt::WFlags< HeaderFlag >
 CWt::WFlags< InputMaskFlag >
 CWt::WFlags< ItemFlag >
 CWt::WFlags< KeyboardModifier >
 CWt::WFlags< LabelOption >
 CWt::WFlags< Orientation >
 CWt::WFlags< PainterChangeFlag >
 CWt::WFlags< PaintFlag >
 CWt::WFlags< PlayerOption >
 CWt::WFlags< RenderHint >
 CWt::WFlags< Side >
 CWt::WFlags< TextDecoration >
 CWt::WFlags< TickPosition >
 CWt::WFontA value class that describes a font
 CWt::WFontMetricsA value class that describes font metrics for a font
 CWt::WGenericMatrix< T, Rows, Cols >A value class that describes a matrix
 CWt::WGenericMatrix< double, 3, 1 >
 CWt::WGenericMatrix< double, 4, 1 >
 CWt::WGenericMatrix< double, 4, 4 >
 CWt::WGestureEventA class providing details for a gesture event
 CWt::WGradientA linear or radial gradient
 CWt::WIOServiceAn I/O service
 CWt::WJavaScriptExposableObjectA JavaScript exposable object
 CWt::WJavaScriptHandle< T >A handle to a JavaScript representation of an object
 CWt::WJavaScriptHandle< WPainterPath >
 CWt::WJavaScriptHandle< Wt::WPainterPath >
 CWt::WJavaScriptHandle< Wt::WPen >
 CWt::WJavaScriptHandle< Wt::WTransform >
 CWt::WJavaScriptHandle< WTransform >
 CWt::WKeyEventA class providing details for a keyboard event
 CWt::WLayoutItemAn abstract base class for items that can participate in a layout
 CWt::WLayoutItemImplAn abstract base class for implementing layout managers
 CWt::WLengthA value class that describes a CSS length
 CWt::WLineFUtility class that defines a single line
 CWt::WLinkA value class that defines a hyperlink target
 CWt::WLinkedCssStyleSheetAn external CSS style sheet
 CWt::WLocalDateTimeA localized calendar date and clock time
 CWt::WLocaleA locale
 CWt::WLocalizedStringsAn abstract class that provides support for localized strings
 CWt::WLogEntryA stream-like object for creating an entry in a log file
 CWt::WLoggerA simple logging class
 CWt::WModelIndexA value class that describes an index to an item in a data model
 CWt::WMouseEventA class providing details for a mouse event
 CWt::WPaintDeviceThe abstract base class for a paint device
 CWt::WPainterVector graphics painting class
 CWt::WPointA value class that defines a 2D point with integer coordinates
 CWt::WRandomRandom number generator
 CWt::WScrollEventA class providing details for a scroll event
 CWt::Chart::WSelectionRepresents a selection on a chart
 CWt::WServerA class encapsulating a web application server
 CWt::WShadowA value class that defines a shadow style
 CWt::WSslCertificateAn interface to an SSL certificate
 CWt::WSslInfoProvides SSL information about the current session
 CWt::WStandardItemAn item in a WStandardItemModel
 CWt::WStringA value class which describes a locale-aware unicode string
 CWt::Http::WtClientSupport for a Wt web application client
 CWt::WTextItemThe result of a font metrics computation
 CWt::Render::WTextRendererAn XHTML renderering engine
 CWt::WTimeA value class that defines a clock time
 CWt::WTouchEventA class providing details for a touch event
 CWt::WValidatorA validator is used to validate user input according to pre-defined rules

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