Wt  4.10.4
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Wt::WCssDecorationStyle Class Reference

A style class for a single widget or style sheet rule. More...

#include <Wt/WCssDecorationStyle.h>

Inheritance diagram for Wt::WCssDecorationStyle:

Public Member Functions

 WCssDecorationStyle ()
 Creates a default style.
 WCssDecorationStyle (const WCssDecorationStyle &other)
 Copy constructor.
 ~WCssDecorationStyle ()
WCssDecorationStyleoperator= (const WCssDecorationStyle &other)
 Assignment operator.
void setCursor (Cursor c)
 Sets the cursor style.
Cursor cursor () const
 Returns the cursor style. More...
void setCursor (std::string cursorImage, Cursor fallback=Cursor::Arrow)
 Sets a custom cursor image Url. More...
std::string cursorImage () const
 Returns the cursor image. More...
void setBackgroundColor (WColor color)
 Sets the background color.
WColor backgroundColor () const
 Returns the background color. More...
void setBackgroundImage (const WLink &link, WFlags< Orientation > repeat=Orientation::Horizontal|Orientation::Vertical, WFlags< Side > sides=None)
 Sets a background image. More...
std::string backgroundImage () const
 Returns the background image URL. More...
WFlags< OrientationbackgroundImageRepeat () const
 Returns the background image repeat. More...
void setForegroundColor (WColor color)
 Sets the text color.
WColor foregroundColor () const
 Returns the text color. More...
void setBorder (WBorder border, WFlags< Side > sides=AllSides)
 Sets the border style. More...
WBorder border (Side side=Side::Top) const
 Returns the border style. More...
void setFont (const WFont &font)
 Sets the text font.
WFontfont ()
 Returns the font. More...
void setTextDecoration (WFlags< TextDecoration > decoration)
 Sets text decoration options. More...
WFlags< TextDecorationtextDecoration () const
 Returns the text decoration options. More...
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void addChild (std::unique_ptr< WObject > child)
 Add a child WObject whose lifetime is determined by this WObject.
template<typename Child >
Child * addChild (std::unique_ptr< Child > child)
 Add a child WObject, returning a raw pointer. More...
std::unique_ptr< WObjectremoveChild (WObject *child)
 Remove a child WObject, so its lifetime is no longer determined by this WObject.
template<typename Child >
std::unique_ptr< Child > removeChild (Child *child)
 Remove a child WObject, so its lifetime is no longer determined by this WObject. More...
virtual const std::string id () const
 Returns the (unique) identifier for this object. More...
virtual void setObjectName (const std::string &name)
 Sets an object name. More...
virtual std::string objectName () const
 Returns the object name. More...
void resetLearnedSlots ()
 Resets learned stateless slot implementations. More...
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void resetLearnedSlot (void(T::*method)())
 Resets a learned stateless slot implementation. More...
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WStatelessSlot * implementStateless (void(T::*method)())
 Declares a slot to be stateless and learn client-side behaviour on first invocation. More...
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WStatelessSlot * implementStateless (void(T::*method)(), void(T::*undoMethod)())
 Declares a slot to be stateless and learn client-side behaviour in advance. More...
void isNotStateless ()
 Marks the current function as not stateless. More...
template<class T >
WStatelessSlot * implementJavaScript (void(T::*method)(), const std::string &jsCode)
 Provides a JavaScript implementation for a method. More...
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 observable () noexcept
 Default constructor.
virtual ~observable ()
 Destructor. More...
template<typename... Args, typename C >
auto bindSafe (void(C::*method)(Args...)) noexcept
 Protects a method call against object destruction. More...
template<typename... Args, typename C >
auto bindSafe (void(C::*method)(Args...) const) const noexcept
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template<typename Function >
auto bindSafe (const Function &function) noexcept
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Additional Inherited Members

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typedef void(WObject::* Method) ()
 Typedef for a WObject method without arguments.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Wt::WObject
virtual WStatelessSlot * getStateless (Method method)
 On-demand stateless slot implementation. More...

Detailed Description

A style class for a single widget or style sheet rule.

You can manipulate the decoration style of a single widget using WWidget::decorationStyle() or you can use a WCssDecorationStyle to add a rule to the inline style sheet using WCssStyleSheet::addRule(const std::string&, const WCssDecorationStyle& style, const std::string&).

Usage example:

Wt::WWidget *widget = ...
void setCursor(Cursor c)
Sets the cursor style.
Definition: WCssDecorationStyle.C:96
The abstract base class for a user-interface component.
Definition: WWidget.h:66
virtual WCssDecorationStyle & decorationStyle()=0
Returns the decoration style of this widget.
@ PointingHand
Pointing hand, CSS 'pointer' cursor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ backgroundColor()

WColor Wt::WCssDecorationStyle::backgroundColor ( ) const

Returns the background color.

See also

◆ backgroundImage()

std::string Wt::WCssDecorationStyle::backgroundImage ( ) const

Returns the background image URL.

See also

◆ backgroundImageRepeat()

WFlags<Orientation> Wt::WCssDecorationStyle::backgroundImageRepeat ( ) const

Returns the background image repeat.

See also

◆ border()

WBorder WCssDecorationStyle::border ( Side  side = Side::Top) const

Returns the border style.

Returns the border style set using setBorder() for the given side.

See also
Prior to version 3.1.9 it was not possible to pass a side and only one border could be configured.

◆ cursor()

Cursor Wt::WCssDecorationStyle::cursor ( ) const

Returns the cursor style.

See also

◆ cursorImage()

std::string Wt::WCssDecorationStyle::cursorImage ( ) const

Returns the cursor image.

See also

◆ font()

WFont& Wt::WCssDecorationStyle::font ( )

Returns the font.

See also

◆ foregroundColor()

WColor Wt::WCssDecorationStyle::foregroundColor ( ) const

Returns the text color.

See also

◆ setBackgroundImage()

void WCssDecorationStyle::setBackgroundImage ( const WLink link,
WFlags< Orientation repeat = Orientation::Horizontal | Orientation::Vertical,
WFlags< Side sides = None 

Sets a background image.

The link may be a URL or a resource.

The image may be placed in a particular location by specifying sides by OR'ing Wt::Side values together, e.g. (Side::Right | Side::Top).

◆ setBorder()

void WCssDecorationStyle::setBorder ( WBorder  border,
WFlags< Side sides = AllSides 

Sets the border style.

The given border will be set for the specified sides.

A different border style may be specified for each of the four sides.

◆ setCursor()

void WCssDecorationStyle::setCursor ( std::string  cursorImage,
Cursor  fallback = Cursor::Arrow 

Sets a custom cursor image Url.

The Url should point to a .cur file (this shoul be a real .cur file, renaming an .ico is not enough for Internet Explorer).

◆ setTextDecoration()

void WCssDecorationStyle::setTextDecoration ( WFlags< TextDecoration decoration)

Sets text decoration options.

You may logically or together any of the options of the TextDecoration enumeration.

The default is 0.

◆ textDecoration()

WFlags<TextDecoration> Wt::WCssDecorationStyle::textDecoration ( ) const

Returns the text decoration options.

See also