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Wt::Render::WTextRenderer::Node Class Reference

A rendering box of a layed out DOM node. More...

#include <WTextRenderer.h>

Public Member Functions

DomElementType type () const
 Returns the element type.
std::string attributeValue (const std::string &attribute) const
 Returns an attribute value. More...
int page () const
 Returns the page.
double x () const
 Returns the x position.
double y () const
 Returns the y position.
double width () const
 Returns the width.
double height () const
 Returns the height.
int fragment () const
 Returns the fragment number. More...
int fragmentCount () const
 Returns the fragment count. More...

Detailed Description

A rendering box of a layed out DOM node.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ attributeValue()

std::string Wt::Render::WTextRenderer::Node::attributeValue ( const std::string &  attribute) const

Returns an attribute value.

This returns an empty string for an undefined attribute.

◆ fragment()

int Wt::Render::WTextRenderer::Node::fragment ( ) const

Returns the fragment number.

A single DOM node can result in multiple layout boxes: e.g. inline contents can be split over multiple lines, resulting in a layout box for each line, and block layout contents can be split over multiple pages, resulting in a layout box per page.

◆ fragmentCount()

int Wt::Render::WTextRenderer::Node::fragmentCount ( ) const

Returns the fragment count.

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