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Wt::WBorder Class Reference

A value class that defines the CSS border style of a widget. More...

#include <Wt/WBorder.h>

Public Types

typedef BorderWidth Width
 Typedef for enum Wt::BorderWidth.
typedef BorderStyle Style
 Typedef for enum Wt::BorderStyle.

Public Member Functions

 WBorder ()
 Creates a border indicating no border.
 WBorder (BorderStyle style, BorderWidth=BorderWidth::Medium, WColor color=WColor())
 Creates a border with given style, thickness and color.
 WBorder (BorderStyle style, const WLength &width, WColor color=WColor())
 Creates a border with an absolute width.
bool operator== (const WBorder &other) const
 Comparison operator.
bool operator!= (const WBorder &other) const
 Comparison operator.
void setWidth (BorderWidth width, const WLength &explicitWidth=WLength::Auto)
 Sets the border width. More...
void setColor (WColor color)
 Sets the border color.
void setStyle (BorderStyle style)
 Sets the border style.
BorderWidth width () const
 Returns the border width. More...
WLength explicitWidth () const
 Returns the border width when set explicitly. More...
WColor color () const
 Returns the border color. More...
BorderStyle style () const
 Returns the border style. More...
std::string cssText () const
 Returns the CSS text for this border style.

Detailed Description

A value class that defines the CSS border style of a widget.

Member Function Documentation

WColor Wt::WBorder::color ( ) const

Returns the border color.

See also
WLength Wt::WBorder::explicitWidth ( ) const

Returns the border width when set explicitly.

See also
void Wt::WBorder::setWidth ( BorderWidth  width,
const WLength explicitWidth = WLength::Auto 

Sets the border width.

If width == Explicit, then the width specified in explicitWidth is used.

BorderStyle Wt::WBorder::style ( ) const

Returns the border style.

See also
BorderWidth Wt::WBorder::width ( ) const

Returns the border width.

See also

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