Wt  4.10.4
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Wt::Http::WtClient Class Reference

Support for a Wt web application client. More...

#include <Wt/Http/WtClient.h>

Public Types

enum class  ClientOption { SupportsAjax = 0x1 }
 Enumeration for client user-agent options. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void startWtSession (const std::string &host, const std::string &port, const std::string &path, const std::string &query=std::string(), WFlags< ClientOption > flags=ClientOption::SupportsAjax)
 Starts a Wt session. More...

Detailed Description

Support for a Wt web application client.

This class provides a utility to bootstrap a Wt session, but does not deal with new developments related to the bootstrap procedure such as progressive bootstrap.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ClientOption

Enumeration for client user-agent options.


Flag that indicates supports for AJAX.

Member Function Documentation

◆ startWtSession()

void Wt::Http::WtClient::startWtSession ( const std::string &  host,
const std::string &  port,
const std::string &  path,
const std::string &  query = std::string(),
WFlags< ClientOption flags = ClientOption::SupportsAjax 

Starts a Wt session.

A Wt application uses a bootstrap procedure during which it collects information on user agent capabilities (unless the progressive bootstrap method is enabled). Therefore a session is not spawned after the first request, but only after these capabilities have been collected by a second request.

This function starts a session on the specific host, port, path, and optional query. These correspond to the different parts of a url: