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Mail composer

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This example implements a GMail-like mail composer and shows among other things how to upload files asynchronously, showing a cross-browser upload progress bar and with support for multiple files.

  • The ContactSuggestions class provides auto-completion of the addressees in the To: Cc: and Bcc: fields. The widget derives from WSuggestionPopup.
  • The AttachmentEdit widget uses a WFileUpload to asynchronously upload files. The upload progress bar will work even in IE6.
  • The Option and OptionList classes show how stateless slots, a trick to handle events client-side but implement them still in C++, may be used even when the behaviour is not entirely stateless. In this case, the hiding of an Option affects neighboring visible options: an option needs a separator only if there is a neighbouring option. By invalidating the stateless slot implementations when state has changed, we can still use a stateless slot implementation and enjoy client-side event handling performance!
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