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ScatterPlotExample Class Reference

A Widget that demonstrates a scatter plot. More...

#include <ChartsExample.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ScatterPlotExample ()
 Creates the scatter plot example. More...
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void setDraggable (const std::string &mimeType, WWidget *dragWidget=nullptr, bool isDragWidgetOnly=false, WObject *sourceWidget=nullptr)
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virtual WLength maximumHeight () const override
virtual void setLineHeight (const WLength &height) override
virtual WLength lineHeight () const override
virtual void setFloatSide (Side s) override
virtual Side floatSide () const override
virtual void setClearSides (WFlags< Side > sides) override
virtual WFlags< SideclearSides () const override
virtual void setMargin (const WLength &margin, WFlags< Side > sides=AllSides) override
virtual WLength margin (Side side) const override
virtual void setHiddenKeepsGeometry (bool enabled) override
virtual bool hiddenKeepsGeometry () const override
virtual void setHidden (bool hidden, const WAnimation &animation=WAnimation()) override
virtual bool isHidden () const override
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virtual void setDisabled (bool disabled) override
virtual bool isDisabled () const override
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virtual void removeStyleClass (const WString &styleClass, bool force=false) override
virtual bool hasStyleClass (const WString &styleClass) const override
virtual void setVerticalAlignment (AlignmentFlag alignment, const WLength &length=WLength()) override
virtual AlignmentFlag verticalAlignment () const override
virtual WLength verticalAlignmentLength () const override
virtual void setToolTip (const WString &text, TextFormat textFormat=TextFormat::Plain) override
virtual void setDeferredToolTip (bool enable, TextFormat textFormat=TextFormat::Plain) override
virtual WString toolTip () const override
virtual void refresh () override
virtual void setAttributeValue (const std::string &name, const WString &value) override
virtual WString attributeValue (const std::string &name) const override
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void setLoadLaterWhenInvisible (bool)
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virtual Signal< bool > & scrollVisibilityChanged () final override
virtual bool isScrollVisible () const final override
virtual void setThemeStyleEnabled (bool enabled) final override
virtual bool isThemeStyleEnabled () const final override
virtual void setObjectName (const std::string &name) override
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WWidgetparent () const
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virtual void toggleStyleClass (const WString &styleClass, bool add, bool force=false)
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virtual void stopAcceptDrops (const std::string &mimeType)
virtual void htmlText (std::ostream &out)
bool isRendered () const
void hide ()
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auto bindSafe (const Function &function) noexcept

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef void(WObject::* Method) ()
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static std::string jsStringLiteral (const std::string &v, char delimiter='\'')
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static WString tr (const char *key)
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virtual void propagateSetEnabled (bool enabled) override
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virtual void enableAjax () override
virtual WStatelessSlot * getStateless (Method method) override
virtual void render (WFlags< RenderFlag > flags) override
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void setLayoutSizeAware (bool sizeAware)
virtual void layoutSizeChanged (int width, int height)
 WWidget ()
virtual void dropEvent (WDropEvent dropEvent)
virtual int boxPadding (Orientation orientation) const
virtual int boxBorder (Orientation orientation) const
void scheduleRender (WFlags< RepaintFlag > flags=None)

Detailed Description

A Widget that demonstrates a scatter plot.

Definition at line 49 of file ChartsExample.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScatterPlotExample()

ScatterPlotExample::ScatterPlotExample ( )

Creates the scatter plot example.

Definition at line 294 of file ChartsExample.C.

294  :
296 {
297  this->addWidget(cpp14::make_unique<WText>(WString::tr("scatter plot 2")));
299  std::shared_ptr<WStandardItemModel> model
300  = std::make_shared<WStandardItemModel>(40, 2);
301  std::unique_ptr<NumericItem> prototype
302  = cpp14::make_unique<NumericItem>();
303  model->setItemPrototype(std::move(prototype));
304  model->setHeaderData(0, WString("X"));
305  model->setHeaderData(1, WString("Y = sin(X)"));
307  for (unsigned i = 0; i < 40; ++i) {
308  double x = (static_cast<double>(i) - 20) / 4;
310  model->setData(i, 0, x);
311  model->setData(i, 1, sin(x));
312  }
314  /*
315  * Create the scatter plot.
316  */
317  WCartesianChart *chart = this->addWidget(cpp14::make_unique<WCartesianChart>());
318  chart->setModel(model); // set the model
319  chart->setXSeriesColumn(0); // set the column that holds the X data
320  chart->setLegendEnabled(true); // enable the legend
321  chart->setZoomEnabled(true);
322  chart->setPanEnabled(true);
323  chart->setCrosshairEnabled(true);
325  chart->setBackground(WColor(200,200,200));
327  chart->setType(ChartType::Scatter); // set type to ScatterPlot
329  // Typically, for mathematical functions, you want the axes to cross
330  // at the 0 mark:
334  // Automatically layout chart (space for axes, legend, ...)
335  chart->setAutoLayoutEnabled();
337  // Add the curves
338  std::unique_ptr<WDataSeries> s
339  = cpp14::make_unique<WDataSeries>(1, SeriesType::Curve);
340  s->setShadow(WShadow(3, 3, WColor(0, 0, 0, 127), 3));
341  chart->addSeries(std::move(s));
343  chart->resize(800, 300); // WPaintedWidget must be given explicit size
345  chart->setMargin(10, Side::Top | Side::Bottom); // add margin vertically
346  chart->setMargin(WLength::Auto, Side::Left | Side::Right); // center horizontally
348  ChartConfig *config = this->addWidget(cpp14::make_unique<ChartConfig>(chart));
350 }
void setPanEnabled(bool pan=true)
void addSeries(std::unique_ptr< WDataSeries > series)
void setLocation(AxisValue value)
WAxis & axis(Axis axis)
void setType(ChartType type)
void setCrosshairEnabled(bool crosshair=true)
virtual void setMargin(const WLength &margin, WFlags< Side > sides=AllSides) override
void setZoomEnabled(bool zoom=true)
void setBackground(const WBrush &background)
virtual void resize(const WLength &width, const WLength &height) override
void setXSeriesColumn(int modelColumn)
void setModel(const std::shared_ptr< WAbstractItemModel > &model)
void setValueFill(Wt::Chart::FillRangeType fill)
Definition: ChartConfig.C:378
void setAutoLayoutEnabled(bool enabled=true)
void setLegendEnabled(bool enabled)
A class that allows configuration of a cartesian chart.
Definition: ChartConfig.h:40
virtual void addWidget(std::unique_ptr< WWidget > widget)

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