Wt 3.1.5, JWt 3.1.5

  • Posted by koen
  • Thursday, September 16, 2010 @ 11:46

While our git is already accumulating new bug fixes and features, we still need to announce last week’s release of Wt and JWt 3.1.5. This release followed in less than a month after 3.1.4 and contains mostly bug fixes.

The highlights of this release are:

Improved localization of internal strings

While Wt provides effective localization using WString::tr(key), there were still some strings internal to Wt that weren’t (always) being localized such as days of week in WDate, standard validator error messages or WMessageBox standard button text.

This has now been fixed using an internal message resource bundle, which contains English strings for these internal resources. You can override these strings using the application message resource bundle, and also provide translations for other languages.

A rewritten WSocketNotifier

WSocketNotifier can be used to react to socket events in your application in an asynchronous and safe way (it is an old-school alternative to Boost.Asio). It is safe because the socket notifier is bound to your session and its events are intermixed with user interface events, with proper locking of the session.

Although this class has been available for a long time, it never worked very well across different connector implementations. The new implementation fixes this issue and also implements proper session locking while reacting to socket events.

Improved client-side layouting of WGridLayout and WBoxLayout

Prior to this version, every layout you added to an application would potentially cause a slow down while handling events since the layouts anticipated that every event could result in a widget size change which require a layout recalculation. Thus, every event caused all layouts to be recalculated. As of this version, the library will actively keep track of widget changes that may affect their size and signal to layouts that they need to recompute only when needed. The result is an improved responsiveness when using multiple layout managers.


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