License and Pricing

JWt may be used using either an Open Source or a Commercial License.

If you wish to use the library using the GNU General Public License (GPL) , you may build a web application with JWt and deploy it, but per the terms of the GPL, you are obliged to make the source code available to anyone you give the application to install on their own server. This also applies to redistribution of the JWt library, in original or modified form.

The Commercial License has no such limitations: you may redistribute applications developed with Wt without needing to redistribute the source code. The license is a royalty-free, perpetual license for one developer to use the API of JWt for application development, using the latest version of JWt or any version released during one year.

Available Packages

VersionRelease date
JWt 4.10.42024-03-06 Source (.zip)
JWt 4.9.22023-04-18 Source (.zip)
JWt 4.8.32022-12-22 Source (.zip)

Check the documentation page for information on how to get started with JWt.

Git repository

The JWt git repository can be found on GitHub. To clone:

git clone