Class WCircleArea

public class WCircleArea extends WAbstractArea
A interactive area in a widget, specified by a circle.

The area may be added to a WImage or WPaintedWidget to provide interactivity on a circular area of the image. The circle is specified in pixel coordinates.

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  • Constructor Details

    • WCircleArea

      public WCircleArea()
      Default constructor.

      Specifies a circular area with center (0, 0) and radius 0.

    • WCircleArea

      public WCircleArea(int x, int y, int radius)
      Creates a circular area with given geometry.

      The arguments are in pixel units.

  • Method Details

    • setCenter

      public void setCenter(WPoint point)
      Sets the center.
    • setCenter

      public void setCenter(WPointF point)
      Sets the center.
    • setCenter

      public void setCenter(int x, int y)
      Sets the center.
    • getCenterX

      public int getCenterX()
      Returns the center X coordinate.
    • getCenterY

      public int getCenterY()
      Returns the center Y coordinate.
    • setRadius

      public void setRadius(int radius)
      Sets the radius.
    • getRadius

      public int getRadius()
      Returns the radius.
    • updateDom

      protected boolean updateDom(DomElement element, boolean all)
      updateDom in class WAbstractArea
    • getUpdateAreaCoordsJS

      protected String getUpdateAreaCoordsJS()
      Specified by:
      getUpdateAreaCoordsJS in class WAbstractArea