Wt & JWt 4.9.1 released

  • Posted by Roel
  • Friday, January 20, 2023 @ 17:34

Wt 4.9.1 fixes some regressions that appeared in Wt 4.9.0, mostly related to the JavaScript changes and the Bootstrap 5 theme, and fixes a few other bugs too. See the release notes for more info.

Here are the links:

Binary builds for Windows are available on the GitHub releases page.

  • Posted by anonymous
  • 11 months ago
The release of WT_JWT 4.9.1 signifies the continuous pursuit of excellence and commitment to refinement in the realm of web development. It demonstrates the dedication of the Web Toolkit team to addressing user feedback and enhancing the framework's capabilities. By releasing timely updates and bug fixes, they exemplify the importance of adaptability and responsiveness in an ever-evolving technological landscape. This iterative approach not only ensures the stability and reliability of web applications but also reflects the wisdom of continuous improvement, fostering an ecosystem of innovation and user satisfaction. <a href="https://onlinelearning.telkomuniversity.ac.id/blog/index.php?entryid=253">Tel U</a>
  • Posted by anonymous
  • one year ago
Will WT scale?
  • Posted by anonymous
  • one year ago
Wt (Winter) edition, freezes some bugs

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