Officially discontinuing Internet Explorer support

  • Posted by Roel
  • Wednesday, June 29, 2022 @ 08:39

Wt has always been notably more conservative than many other web frameworks because we are committed to creating a framework that is built to last. We don’t break things all willy-nilly because we want our users to be able to develop products based on Wt that are to be maintained for many years to come.

For a while now, our policy on Internet Explorer has been: we don’t necessarily support it when we introduce a new feature, but we’re also not going to break existing features, at least not on purpose.

It is about high time to reconsider that stance, especially since Microsoft has now officially dropped Internet Explorer 11 support.

Starting from Wt 4.8.0 we are officially no longer supporting Internet Explorer, and old versions of Microsoft Edge.


This decision allows us to:

  • leverage features supported in modern browsers to improve code quality and stability

  • simplify the Wt codebase, improving its readability and maintainability

  • focus on more important things, rather than worry about compatibility with obsolete browsers

Currently supported browsers

The list of browsers that we are committed to supporting (both on desktop and mobile) are:

  • Firefox (the latest version and the latest extended support release (ESR))

  • The latest versions of Chromium-based browsers (Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, …)

  • The latest version of Safari

  • Posted by anonymous
  • one year ago
So... we can have ES module support now? Typescript kinda require this.
  • Posted by anonymous
  • one year ago
That's perfectly fine, as former MS chief is now occupied mainly with medical stuff.
  • Posted by anonymous
  • one year ago
  • Posted by anonymous
  • one year ago
I'm totally fine with dropping IE. Everyone does. Just ensure text mode for SEO are still working well is good enough.

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