New WRasterImage implementation: Skia

  • Posted by wim
  • Friday, November 29, 2013 @ 16:57

The Wt git repository now contains Skia as an alternative to GraphicsMagick to create raster images server-side through our WPaintedWidget / WPaintDevice / WRasterImage interface.

The Skia Graphics Engine is a compact open source graphics library written in C++. It was originally developed by Skia Inc., which was subsequently acquired by Google in 2005,[1] who then released the software as open source licensed under the New BSD free software license.

Now known as skia, it is currently used in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Chrome OS, Chromium OS, Sublime Text 3, Android and Firefox OS; and the Skia library is present on the BlackBerry PlayBook though the extent of its usage is unclear.

— Wikipedia

We added skia as a backend for WRasterImage mainly because we had performance problems with GraphicsMagick on Windows and OS X. Skia can use the server-side GPU to accelerate 2D image rendering. In the long run, we also expect to benefit from other features that Skia has to offer.

CMake configuration for WRasterImage has changed a bit: ENABLE_GM is gone. The equivalent is -DWT_WRASTERIMAGE_IMPLEMENTATION=GraphicsMagick. For skia, set -DWT_WRASTERIMAGE_IMPLEMENTATION=skia. Without cmake options, WRasterImage is not built.

Skia will be included in our binary builds for Windows. As far as I know, skia is not packaged on Ubuntu or OS X. Wt will support skia on those targets soon.

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