Cross compile Wt on Raspberry Pi

  • Posted by wim
  • Monday, October 7, 2013 @ 10:15

With the Raspberry Pi being a cheap and popular embedded platform, which is perfectly capable of running Wt applications, we reguarly recieve questions on how to compile Wt on the Raspberry Pi.

The easy solution is of course to simply apt-get install Wt on your Raspberry Pi - Wt is packaged in raspbian. However, this does not help you if you want to build your own Wt, or if you want to run your own Wt application on the Raspberry Pi. While the performance of a Wt application on the Raspberry Pi is great, the compilation time of that application on the Raspberry Pi is not that great. Instead of wasting time waiting for native Raspberry Pi compilations, we highly recommend to use a cross compiler.

Cross-compiling Wt is a straight-forward process once you get your cross compilation environment configured. The latter seems a bit difficult, so we documented our method to set up this cross-compilation environment in our wiki.

  • Posted by louisc
  • 9 years ago
this is great,
but I saw in a 2 years old post that a port on android was mentioned
is this still on the agenda ? I can see a big potential for this move (among others, considering app distributed on both server and client side)
btw, does WT make provision for several app to cooperate on the same GUI)
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 10 years ago
What's about the memory footprint of wt for embedded systems ?
  • Posted by wim
  • 10 years ago -> wiki link talking about footprint on embedded systems. On a raspberry like system, there's no worry.
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 10 years ago
great post.

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