Tutorial updated for wt 3.2.0

  • Posted by wim
  • Friday, December 9, 2011 @ 12:29

We developed the hangman example in 2006 to demonstrate Wt’s principles to first-time users. The tutorial used this examples to walk through the libraries basic functions. Over the years Wt evolved and many new features were introduced, but the hangman example did not always follow these new developments.

We are pleased to announce to that we have updated both the hangman example source code and the tutorial text to the current state of Wt.

The hangman example now also talks about:

  • Wt basics: compiling and running a Wt application, session management, the use of widgets, signals and slots

  • The use of Wt::Auth for user authentication

  • Wt::Dbo for interaction with databases

  • Layouting methods: CSS, layout managers and WTemplate

  • Support for in-application URLs (wt’s internal path API)

  • Internationalization

In the same effort, we also restyled the Wt::Dbo tutorial, but the contents remained largely the same.

  • Posted by zhmsong
  • 12 years ago
Good!Learn Wt Again!
Have been translating it on the http://my.oschina.net/zhmsong/blog/39304
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 12 years ago
thanks a lot!
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 12 years ago
Nice tutorial, encompassing nearly all the basics needed to build test applications quickly. Posts like this make it much more likely that business users will invest some time into exploring the use of Qt/Wt frameworks to deliver lightweight web versions of existing heavy duty desktop tools.
While the Redmine wiki is useful, blogs on some of the topics covered within the wiki (e.g. a blog on Wt with Apache) would be a great help, both from a developers point of view and in trying to convince superiors that Wt is not hard to pick up and use. On the second point a separate blog on the restyled the Dbo tutorial may have been a better idea.

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