Class WScatterData

public class WScatterData extends WAbstractDataSeries3D
Class representing a collection of points for on a 3D chart.

General information can be found at WAbstractDataSeries3D. The model should be structured as a table where every row represents a point. In the simplest case, there are three columns representing the x-, y- and z-values. By default, this is column 0 for X, column 1 for Y and column 2 for Z. It is also possible to provide an additional column containing information on the color for each point. The same is possible for the size. Color-information in the model should be present as a WColor.

If these extra columns are not included, the ItemDataRole.MarkerBrushColor and ItemDataRole.MarkerScaleFactor can still be used to style individual points. These dataroles should be set on the values in the column containing the z-values.

The figure below shows an upward spiral of points, with droplines enabled and a pointsize of 5 pixels.

An example of WScatterData