Class WJavaScriptExposableObject

Direct Known Subclasses:
WBrush, WPainterPath, WPen, WPointF, WRectF, WTransform

public abstract class WJavaScriptExposableObject extends Object
A JavaScript exposable object.

A JavaScript bound object (as opposed to being mostly a simple value class) has an equivalent representation in JavaScript. Its value can usually only be modified through a WJavaScriptHandle. There are certain exceptions to this rule. Some methods, notably many WTransform methods, will correctly apply these modifications also on the JavaScript representation.

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  • Constructor Details

    • WJavaScriptExposableObject

      public WJavaScriptExposableObject()
    • WJavaScriptExposableObject

      public WJavaScriptExposableObject(WJavaScriptExposableObject other)
  • Method Details

    • clone

      public abstract WJavaScriptExposableObject clone()
      clone in class Object
    • isJavaScriptBound

      public boolean isJavaScriptBound()
      Returns whether this object is JavaScript bound.

      An object is JavaScript bound if it is associated with a WJavaScriptHandle. It should not be modified directly on the server side. WJavaScriptHandle.setValue(T) should be used instead.

    • getJsValue

      public abstract String getJsValue()
      Returns a JavaScript representation of the value of this object.

      Note: The value returned will reflect the current server side value of the object. If this object is JavaScript bound, this value may not reflect the actual client side value. If you need access to the client side value, use getJsRef() intead.

    • getJsRef

      public String getJsRef()
      Returns a JavaScript reference to this object.

      If this object is not JavaScript bound, it will return a JavaScript representation of the value of the object, according to getJsValue().

      Warning: This reference is intended as read-only. Attempts to modify it may have unintended consequences. If you want a JavaScript reference that is modifiable, use the WJavaScriptHandle.getJsRef() instead.

    • closeTo

      public boolean closeTo(WJavaScriptExposableObject other)
    • sameBindingAs

      protected boolean sameBindingAs(WJavaScriptExposableObject rhs)
    • assignBinding

      protected void assignBinding(WJavaScriptExposableObject rhs)
    • assignBinding

      protected void assignBinding(WJavaScriptExposableObject rhs, String jsRef)
    • checkModifiable

      protected void checkModifiable()
    • assignFromJSON

      protected abstract void assignFromJSON( value)