Wt  4.10.4
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Wt::Dbo::backend Namespace Reference

Namespace for Dbo backends. More...


class  Firebird
 A Firebird connection. More...
class  MSSQLServer
 A Microsoft SQL Server connection. More...
class  MySQLStatement
 MySQL prepared statement. More...
class  MySQL
 A MySQL connection. More...
class  Postgres
 A PostgreSQL connection. More...
class  Sqlite3
 An SQLite3 connection. More...


enum class  DateTimeStorage { ISO8601AsText , PseudoISO8601AsText , JulianDaysAsReal , UnixTimeAsInteger }
 Configuration of date time storage. More...

Detailed Description

Namespace for Dbo backends.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ DateTimeStorage

Configuration of date time storage.

The Sqlite3 backend does not provide real type support for date time. Instead, it offers 3 choices for storing a date time, each of these compatible with the use of the built-in arithmetic functions.

See also

As 'text' in ISO8601 format.

This also interprets correctly dates stored in the database using the PseudoISO8601AsText format.


As 'text' in ISO8601-like format, but using a space (' ') instead of 'T' as a separator character between date and time. This is the behaviour of Wt::Dbo prior to Wt 3.2.3.

This also interprets correctly dates stored in the database using the ISO8601AsText format.


As 'real', the number of julian days. Note that this does not support second accuracy for a date time, but is the preferred format for a plain date.


As 'integer', number of seconds since UNIX Epoch.