Wt  4.0.2
Deprecated List
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::maxZoom () const
Use minimumZoomRange() instead
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::pan () const
Use zoomMinimum() instead.
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::setMaxZoom (double maxZoom)
Use setMinimumZoomRange(double) instead
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::setPan (double pan)
Use setZoomRange() instead.
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::setZoom (double zoom)
Use setZoomRange() instead.
Member Wt::Chart::WAxis::zoom () const
Use zoomMinimum() and zoomMaximum() instead.
Member Wt::Chart::WCartesianChart::setFollowCurve (int modelColumn)
Use setFollowCurve(const WDataSeries*) instead

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