Class WStandardPalette

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WStandardPalette extends Object implements WChartPalette
Standard styling for rendering series in charts.

This class provides four standard palettes, each composed of eight different colors (these are recycled at index 8).

The three colored palettes are a variation on those defined at

The following table lists the background color, and font color of the different palettes:

Neutral Bold Muted GrayScale
Gmail blue Mozilla red Ruby on Rails red Gray #1
Shiny silver Flock blue Mozilla blue Gray #2
Interactive action yellow RSS orange Etsy vermillion Gray #3
Qoop mint Techcrunch green Digg blue Gray #4
Digg blue Flickr pink 43 Things gold Gray #5
Shadows grey Newsvine green Writely olive Gray #6
Magnolia Mag.nolia Magnolia Mag.nolia crimson Gray #7
RSS orange Rollyo red Basecamp green Gray #8

The border pen is in all cases a gray pen of 0 width, while the stroke pen is a line of width 2 in the background color.