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Wt::WGoogleMap::Coordinate Class Reference

A geographical coordinate (latitude/longitude) More...

Public Member Functions

 Coordinate ()
 Default constructor.
 Coordinate (double latitude, double longitude)
 Creates with given latitude and longitude.
void setLatitude (double latitude)
 Sets the latitude.
void setLongitude (double longitude)
 Sets the longitude.
double latitude () const
 Returns the latitude.
double longitude () const
 Returns the longitude.
double distanceTo (const Coordinate &rhs) const
 Calculates the distance between two points in km (approximate). More...
std::pair< double, double > operator() () const
 Conversion operator to pair of double.

Detailed Description

A geographical coordinate (latitude/longitude)

Member Function Documentation

◆ distanceTo()

double Wt::WGoogleMap::Coordinate::distanceTo ( const Coordinate rhs) const

Calculates the distance between two points in km (approximate).

The calculation uses a sphere. Results can be out by 0.3%.

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