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Wt::Payment::OrderItem Class Reference

Describes an item in an order. More...

#include <Wt/Payment/OrderItem>

Public Member Functions

void setName (const WString &name)
 Sets the item name.
const WStringname () const
 Returns item name. More...
void setNumber (const std::string &number)
 Sets the item number.
std::string number () const
 Returns item number. More...
void setDescription (const WString &description)
 Sets the item description.
const WStringdescription () const
 Returns the item description. More...
void setQuantity (double quantity)
 Sets the item quantity. More...
double quantity () const
 Returns the item quantity. More...
void setUnitCost (const Money &unitCost)
 Changes the item unit cost field. More...
Money unitCost () const
 Returns item unit cost. More...
Money computeTotal () const
 Returns the total cost for this order item. More...

Detailed Description

Describes an item in an order.

Usage example:

Wt::Payment::OrderItem item1, item2;
item1.setName("Waffle Maker");
item1.setDescription("Emweb FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker");
item1.setUnitCost(Wt::Payment::Money(49, 99, "USD"));
order.setShipping(Wt::Payment::Money(7, 1, "USD"));
order.setTax(Wt::Payment::Money(500, 99, "USD"));
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Member Function Documentation

Money Wt::Payment::OrderItem::computeTotal ( ) const

Returns the total cost for this order item.

This returns quantity() * unitCost()

const WString& Wt::Payment::OrderItem::description ( ) const

Returns the item description.

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const WString& Wt::Payment::OrderItem::name ( ) const

Returns item name.

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std::string Wt::Payment::OrderItem::number ( ) const

Returns item number.

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double Wt::Payment::OrderItem::quantity ( ) const

Returns the item quantity.

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void Wt::Payment::OrderItem::setQuantity ( double  quantity)

Sets the item quantity.

This is either an integer quantity (number of items) or a fractional quantity (e.g. 1.5 times 1 kilogram).

The total price for this item in the order will be the quantity() times the unitCost().

void Wt::Payment::OrderItem::setUnitCost ( const Money unitCost)

Changes the item unit cost field.

This is the unit cost.

Money Wt::Payment::OrderItem::unitCost ( ) const

Returns item unit cost.

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