Class UploadedFile


public class UploadedFile extends Object
Details about a file uploaded with a request to a resource.

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  • Constructor Details

    • UploadedFile

      public UploadedFile()
  • Method Details

    • getSpoolFileName

      public String getSpoolFileName()
      Return the spool file name.

      This is the location on the local (server) filesystem where the uploaded file is temporarily stored. Unless you call stealSpoolFile(), this file is deleted automatically.

    • getClientFileName

      public String getClientFileName()
      Returns the client file name.

      This is the location that was indicated by the browser.

      Note: Depending on the browser this is an absolute path or only the file name.

    • getContentType

      public String getContentType()
      Returns the file content type.

      Returns the content mime-type that was sent along with the uploaded file.

    • stealSpoolFile

      public void stealSpoolFile()
      Steals the uploaded spool file.

      By stealing the spooled file, it is no longer automatically deleted by JWt.