Class WTableRow


public class WTableRow extends WObject
A table row.

A WTableRow is returned by WTable#getRowAt() and managing various properties of a single row in a table (it is however not a widget).

A table row corresponds to the HTML <tr> tag.

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  • Constructor Details

    • WTableRow

      public WTableRow()
      Creates a new table row.

      Table rows must be added to a table using WTable#insertRow() before you can access contents in it using elementAt().

  • Method Details

    • getTable

      public WTable getTable()
      Returns the table to which this row belongs.

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    • elementAt

      public WTableCell elementAt(int column)
      Access the row element at the given column.

      Like WTable#getElementAt(), if the column is beyond the current table dimensions, then the table is expanded automatically.

      The row must be inserted within a table first.

    • getRowNum

      public int getRowNum()
      Returns the row number of this row in the table.

      Returns -1 if the row is not yet part of a table.

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    • setHeight

      public void setHeight(WLength height)
      Sets the row height.

      The default row height is WLength.Auto.

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    • getHeight

      public WLength getHeight()
      Returns the row height.

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    • setStyleClass

      public void setStyleClass(String style)
      Sets the CSS style class for this row.

      The style is inherited by all table cells in this row.

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    • getStyleClass

      public String getStyleClass()
      Returns the CSS style class for this row.

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    • addStyleClass

      public void addStyleClass(String style)
    • removeStyleClass

      public void removeStyleClass(String style)
    • toggleStyleClass

      public void toggleStyleClass(String style, boolean add)
    • setHidden

      public void setHidden(boolean how)
      Sets whether the row must be hidden.

      Hide or show the row.

      The default value is false (row is not hidden).

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    • isHidden

      public boolean isHidden()
      Returns whether the rows is hidden.

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    • hide

      public void hide()
      Hides the row.

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    • show

      public void show()
      Shows the row.

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    • setId

      public void setId(String id)
      Sets the CSS Id.

      Sets a custom Id. Note that the Id must be unique across the whole widget tree, can only be set right after construction and cannot be changed.

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    • getId

      public String getId()
      Description copied from class: WObject
      Returns the (unique) identifier for this object

      For a WWidget, this corresponds to the id of the DOM element that represents the widget. This is not entirely unique, since a WCompositeWidget shares the same id as its implementation.

      By default, the id is auto-generated, unless a custom id is set for a widget using WWidget.setId(String). The auto-generated id is created by concatenating WObject.getObjectName() with a unique number.

      getId in class WObject