Class WCssRule

Direct Known Subclasses:
WCssTemplateRule, WCssTextRule

public abstract class WCssRule extends WObject
Abstract rule in a CSS style sheet.

A rule presents CSS style properties that are applied to a selected set of elements.

Use WCssTemplateRule if you would like to use a widget as a template for specifying (and updating) a style rule, using the widgets style properties, or WCssTextRule if you wish to directly specify the CSS declarations.

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  • Constructor Details

    • WCssRule

      protected WCssRule(String selector)
      Creates a new CSS rule with given selector.
  • Method Details

    • setSelector

      public void setSelector(String selector)
      Sets the selector.

      Note: The selector can only be changed as long as the rule hasn't been rendered.

    • getSelector

      public String getSelector()
      Returns the selector.
    • getSheet

      public WCssStyleSheet getSheet()
      Returns the style sheet to which this rule belongs.
    • modified

      public void modified()
      Indicates that the rule has changed and needs updating.
    • getDeclarations

      public abstract String getDeclarations()
      Returns the declarations.

      This is a semi-colon separated list of CSS declarations.