!C++ ?

You like the library functionality, but do not grok C++ for your project?

Do not despair. Wt exists in a native variant or through bindings in other languages:

  • Java You can use JWt, a native Java version of Wt developed and maintained together with the C++ version. It has, with few exceptions, the same features as Wt, but runs natively in the JVM and can be deployed into any Servlet container.

  • Ruby Richard Dale is maintaining WtRuby, Ruby bindings to Wt, using the same framework used for generating Ruby bindings to Qt and KDE.

  • Clojure Leveraging the JVM's support for other languages, such as Clojure, a LISP variant, Ralph Moritz is experimenting with using JWt from within Clojure, documenting his experience in his blog and eventually developing a small support library.

  • Jython Albert Cervera i Areny is experimenting to use JWt from Jython, another language running on the JVM. He documents how to create and run the "Hello World!" program in Jython in this blog post.