Wt  4.8.0
Here is a list of all modules:
 Authentication module (Wt::Auth)A module that implements authentication functions
 Charts (Wt::Chart)A charting library implemented using the Wt Painting system
 Database Objects (Wt::Dbo)An implemenation of an Object Relational Mapping layer
 Dbo Forms (Wt::Form)Classes that handle the Dbo Forms
 HTTP protocol (Wt::Http)Classes that handle the HTTP protocol
 JSON Library (Wt::Json)A JSON representation and parsing library
 SMTP client library (Wt::Mail)An SMTP client implementation
 Payment module (Wt::Payment)A module that implements payment functions
 XHTML Rendering (Wt::Render)An XHTML rendering library implemented using the Wt Painting system
 Style classesCollection of classes for markup of widgets
 Model/view systemClasses that implement Wt's model/view system
 Painting systemClasses that provide support for vector graphics painting
 Signal/slot systemSupport for event handling using signals and slots

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