Wt  4.0.2
Wt::WFont Member List

This is the complete list of members for Wt::WFont, including all inherited members.

Family typedefWt::WFont
genericFamily() const Wt::WFont
operator==(const WFont &other) const Wt::WFont
setFamily(FontFamily genericFamily, const WString &specificFamilies=WString())Wt::WFont
setSize(FontSize size)Wt::WFont
setSize(const WLength &size)Wt::WFont
setStyle(FontStyle style)Wt::WFont
setVariant(FontVariant variant)Wt::WFont
setWeight(FontWeight weight, int value=400)Wt::WFont
size(double mediumSize=16) const Wt::WFont
Size typedefWt::WFont
sizeLength(double mediumSize=16) const Wt::WFont
specificFamilies() const Wt::WFont
Style typedefWt::WFont
style() const Wt::WFont
Variant typedefWt::WFont
variant() const Wt::WFont
weight() const Wt::WFont
Weight typedefWt::WFont
weightValue() const Wt::WFont
WFont(FontFamily family)Wt::WFont

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