Wt  4.0.2
Wt::EventSignal< E > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Wt::EventSignal< E >, including all inherited members.

connect(const F &function)Wt::EventSignal< E >
connect(T *target, void(V::*method)())Wt::EventSignal< E >
connect(T *target, void(V::*method)(E))Wt::EventSignal< E >
connect(T *target, void(V::*method)(const E &))Wt::EventSignal< E >
connect(const std::string &function)Wt::EventSignal< E >
connect(JSlot &slot)Wt::EventSignal< E >
connect(WObject *target, WObject::Method method) overrideWt::EventSignal< E >virtual
defaultActionPrevented() const Wt::EventSignalBase
disconnect(JSlot &slot)Wt::EventSignalBase
emit(E e=NoClass::none) const Wt::EventSignal< E >
isConnected() const overrideWt::EventSignal< E >virtual
name() const Wt::EventSignalBase
operator()(E e) const Wt::EventSignal< E >
preventDefaultAction(bool prevent=true)Wt::EventSignalBase
preventPropagation(bool prevent=true)Wt::EventSignalBase
propagationPrevented() const Wt::EventSignalBase

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