Wt examples  4.0.4
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAddresseeEditAn edit field for an email addressee
 CAttachmentAn email attachment
 CAttachmentEditAn edit field for an email attachment
 CCategoryExampleA Widget that demonstrates a category chart
 CCharacterA Matrix character that takes red and/or blue pills
 CChartConfigA class that allows configuration of a cartesian chart
 CAxisControlStruct that holds the controls for one axis
 CSeriesControlStruct that holds the controls for one series
 CChartsExampleA widget that demonstrates various aspects of the charting lib
 CChatApplicationA chat demo application
 CChatEventEncapsulate a chat event
 CChatWidgetA chat application widget
 CComposeExampleMain widget of the Composer example
 CComposerAn E-mail composer widget
 CContactAn email contact
 CContactSuggestionsA suggestion popup suggesting contacts from an addressbook
 CCountDownWidgetA widget which displays a decrementing number
 CDemoTreeListA demonstration of the treelist
 CDragExampleClass demonstrating drag and drop in Wt
 CExampleSourceViewerA simple widget to visualise a set of example source files
 CFileEditDialogA dialog for editing a 'file'
 CFileItemWStandardItem which stores a file
 CFileModelA specialized standard item model which report a specific drag and drop mime type
 CFileTreeTableA tree table that displays a file tree
 CFileTreeTableNodeA single node in a file tree table
 CFolderViewA specialized treeview that supports a custom drop event
 CFormA simple Form
 CFormExampleMain widget for the Form example
 CGitGit utility class for browsing git archives
 CExceptionException class
 CObjectGit object
 CObjectIdGit object Id
 CGitModelA model that retrieves revision trees from a git repository
 CChildIndexIndex usable as a key to a map, that identifies a child/row within a tree
 CTreeUsed to uniquely locate a folder within the folder hierarchy
 CGitViewApplicationA simple application to navigate a git repository
 CIconPairAn icon pair (identical to WIconPair)
 CJavascriptExampleAn example showing how to interact custom JavaScript with Wt stuff
 CLabelA label
 COptionA clickable option
 COptionListA list of options, separated by '|'
 CPieExampleA Widget that demonstrates a Pie chart
 CPopupA JavaScript based popup window, encapsulating the Javascript functions alert(), confirm(), and prompt()
 CPopupChatWidgetA popup chat widget
 CScatterPlotExampleA Widget that demonstrates a scatter plot
 CSimpleChatServerA simple chat server
 CSimpleChatWidgetA self-contained chat widget
 CSourceViewView class for source code
 CTimeSeriesExampleA widget that demonstrates a times series chart
 CTreeNodeExample implementation of a single tree list node
 CTreeViewDragDropMain application class

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