Support and Training

You can get support and training directly from the library authors, with a guaranteed three-day response time.

Community help is available in the public forums.

To get up to speed with Wt and/or Wt::Dbo, you may also obtain training directly from the library authors.


The software was originally developed by Koen Deforche, and is currently maintained by Emweb bvba.

We are greateful to these projects from which we borrowed code:

Other independent contributors include: Richard Ulrich, Gaetano Mendola, Thomas Suckow, Hilary Cheng, Dmitriy Igrishin, Daniel Derr, Omer Katz, and Lukasz Matuszewski, and many others (see the Changelog).


There is a community-run Wt Wiki with useful information, including installation notes for several Linux distributions.


Development of Wt is sponsored by the following companies and organisations:

User contributions are welcomed, ranging from simple patches to widgets, widget sets, and core improvements.

However, because Wt is dual-licensed under an Open Source and commercial license, and to legally protect the code base of Wt as a whole by one entity without having to worry about the copyrights for different pieces, we require a copyright assignment from contributors to Emweb before accepting the contribution.


The Chinese translation of the homepage was provided by Zhimin Song.


The Wt project is hosted at GitHub here.