Wt & JWt 3.3.5

by koen on Thursday, December 31, 2015 @ 16:16

We must admit we absolutely wanted this before 2015 ended, not only to have more reason for partying, but also to simply end the agonizing RC cycle.

We thus uploaded a final release for 3.3.5. Windows binaries will follow soon.

Here are the main links:

anonymous 12 months ago
Hi All, As promised I am sharing the tool I developed to help me make Wt applications. Hope it is helpful:
anonymous 10 months ago
Very good work!
anonymous 11 months ago
Gosh, this looks like some awesome work. I downloaded and started the application.
anonymous one year ago
Great! Thank you!
anonymous one year ago
anonymous one year ago
That's a great start of the New Year :)
anonymous one year ago
That's awesome ! Happy New Year !
anonymous one year ago
Happyend New Year guys :-)
anonymous 11 months ago
That's awesome, would you provide prebuild binary of vc2015 too?Thanks
anonymous 11 months ago
Next release will have 2015 binaries