Wt & JWt 3.2.1, RC3

by koen on Monday, March 26, 2012 @ 06:47

We’ve uploaded new release candidate packages. These contain only a number of fixes for corner cases, and thus nothing out of the ordinary.

It thus looks like these will be renamed to the final 3.2.1 packages later on, so now is the time to give them a spin!

With 3.2.1 out of the way, we are starting work on 3.2.2 which will included a long needed (and already half staged) overhaul of the layout managers which is becoming a dominant attractor of bug/annoyance reports.

Totally unrelated, but interesting in its own right, Gabor Vitez wrote on his experience of using JWt from JRuby within an embedded Tomcat server, using Servlet API 3 (and thus scalable server push).

anonymous 5 years ago
How about a layout manager without JavaScript abstracting CSS?
Bolzen 5 years ago
Layout managers? Template class combined with CSS work pretty good )
koen 5 years ago
Certainly we recommend CSS and WTemplate as the standard solution, but layout managers have their niche role, such as for example in dialogs and other situations. But i totally agree that if you can do without, by all means, do without :-)
anonymous 5 years ago
I use the same approach and it is definitively more flexible and easy to use.
Bolzen 5 years ago
In addition the managers could be painful to maintain. Maybe as a third-party upper layer module?