Wt & JWt 3.3.1

by koen on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 15:37

Several more bug fixes later, we’re proud with the final release of Wt 3.3.1.

We would like to thank the countless people that relentlessly pointed out bugs, annoyances, documentation mess-ups — keep up the good (pointing at) work.

Here are the main links:

Now that the release is out of the way, we look forward to merging some exciting new features that have been anxiously waiting in development branches…

anonymous one year ago
Awesome, I tested right now and everything is perfect.
Thank you very much!!!
anonymous one year ago
Thanks for making this incredibly useful product (which keeps getting better with every new release!)
anonymous one year ago
As usual with this package i download and then read ). Thanks, guys!