Wt & JWt 3.3.0 !

by koen on Monday, April 8, 2013 @ 21:23

More than a few weeks late, we apologize, but all the better for it: 3.3.0 !

Here are the main links:

anonymous 7 months ago
[[Comment deleted]]
anonymous 8 months ago
Hi, Great work!
Just a thing, I can't get the update password to work in you blog example. Running 3.3.0
anonymous 8 months ago
This has been fixed since in git.
anonymous 9 months ago
Thanks for the great release.
But there is one strange thing. When using WTreeView with some widgets (buttons, checkboxes) the widgets are now placed at the worng places. Widgets in the same column are not alinged to each other anymore and sometimes they are also not aligned to the row/ leaf they belong to.
Is there a way to use WtreeViews with tables instead of lists as before?
anonymous 8 months ago
Hey, can you file this as a bug with a test case or at least some screenshots?
anonymous 10 months ago
Awesome toolkit!
anonymous one year ago
Is this the stable 3.3.0 release ?
koen one year ago
Yes it is. This is the final 3.3.0 release.
anonymous one year ago
Thanks for confirmation.
Why did you get rid of WT_TEMPLATE_FUNCTION macro ?
koen one year ago
It wasn't needed anymore (for JWt). It wasn't documented either ?
anonymous one year ago
You mean in the release notes ? No, it doesn't appear as a change... I suppose the cast the the macro did would be done manyally when calling addfunction() (e.g. addFunction("tr", &Wt::WTemplate::Functions::tr);)
anonymous one year ago
sorry, I see now it wasn't a cast, it was just a shortcut for &Wt::WTemplate::Functions... probably is not much difference without it but I had a lot of code using the template so I had to change it.
anonymous one year ago
I am an embedded system programmer. Now when I want to develop a web based product, I realized that I have to learn so many new languages and frameworks. Finding Wt was like a gift of having another life! Or perhaps, its like, I got a cheatcode :) You guys are doing a great job, you are my rockstars!
anonymous one year ago
apologies accepted. )
Just joking. What a great product!
anonymous one year ago
Congrats, keep up the awesome work. I love what you're doing and looking to start a business building web sites/apps with Wt.
anonymous one year ago
Congratulations for this great release guys ! Keep up the excellent work !
anonymous 11 months ago
new WColor("red") (or any other string name) does not seem to work now
Anyway, thanks for the great toolkit, I wish more people would know about this gem :)
anonymous 8 months ago
WColor("red") should work, really? What wrong behaviour do you observe?